My Stroke of Hope

I use my experience to raise awareness of stroke symptoms and

prevention with the hope of saving lives and supporting survivors.


Recovery After Stroke Podcast

Stroke is the nation’s No. 5 killer, and the leading cause of disability. Unfortunately, I didn't know much about stroke until it happened to me and I delayed getting the emergency medical attention I needed. Listen to my recent discussion with Bill Gasiamis on his "Recovery After Stroke" podcast where I talk about how ignoring stroke symptoms almost killed me and how my health crisis changed my life. 

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Read about my stroke of hope and  how ignoring stroke symptoms almost killed me. Get to know me and learn why raising awareness of stroke is my passion.

Do you know how to spot a stroke FAST and that stroke happens to people of all ages? Learn these and more important stroke facts. It could save a life.

Read blogs about stroke "thrivers" who share their stories that will inspire and educate you.  

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